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Ian loved art in many forms but his first love was drawing.  He experimented with many different mediums; watercolor, pencil, pastel pencils, conte & pastel chalk.


In the last few years of his life he developed a passion for sculpture which you can see in the first gallery below.  Unfortunately, because his motto was "form over function" many of his sculptures were literally larger than life and have been lost.  They remain only in our memory and here on this page.  


Before Ian was an artist, he was a musician.  He began piano lessons around the age of 8 and showed a natural aptitude for playing, leading to a confrontation four years later with his mother when he wanted to quit.  She declared that this was "the hill she was dying on" and she would not let him quit.  He persevered and later thanked was his retreat.


When he was 17, he decided it would be fun to learn to play the violin....he continued with his violin lessons with his teacher, Lynne Garrett up until the last few months of his life.


At the bottom of this page you will find his last piano recital at the home of his teacher, Juanelle Estes.

All artwork produced by Ian M Hassett is copyrighted.  Reproductions or copies may not be made or downloaded without the express consent of his heirs.

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